The Weather


I still can’t post a photo of Cologne as today,we’ve still not friendly weather.Actually,I’ve some old photo but not shows Cologne in all.The weather is confusing at the moment in Europe.It’s summer already but we’ve autumn condition.In north and south Germany,they have big flood and some part of south Germany even has snow! Imagine,snow in summer! Hmm,the Meteorology is right that the Earth is in Global warming.In April,we’ve already high summer temperature (30°C) but now in June that should be the high summer in Germany is only 15°C as seen in our thermometer at home.Here is a photo of Cologne in recent condition,gray sky and on & off raining.The Cathedral is the proud mascot of Cologne.
The yawning man on the right-hand photo is my tired hubby 😉 I asked him to move out of the frame and he did but he thought he was far enough…or I thought 😆 :mrgreen:


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