My Orchid


anggrek01.jpg Here is another indoor plant that I have which I thought at the beginning is hard to handle or need more care but I was wrong about Orchid. :yes: that is an Orchid! 😕 No sign at all,right? I know, It’s look ugly and not seeing as flower at all or even an Orchid.S hame on me and blame on me 😦 caused I’m the one who made it looks weird 😐 I just followed the care instruction that when its stop flowering then I have to brake the stem off from where the flowers already faded but not all stem, as can see on left side of right photo the second stick that looks brake on the edge that where the flowers were and the straight up stuck out stick is to prevent the flowers stem not to bent. It’s a small bamboo stick and on the right side that sticking out over the pot are its root. Anyway,I made it looks ugly caused when I wanted to picked out the old yellow leaf away, I accidentally brake all the existed leafs anggrek02.jpgwhich was only 3 leafs “Oops”. I keep my Orchid in a bathroom which was coincidently action. After one year had an Orchid and the flowers faded away and followed exactly the care instruction, there is no flowers or a sign that it will flowers again and one day when we back from visited my beautiful country Indonesia, on the way back home to Cologne, I was thinking that I will throw away my orchid once arrived at home, I said to hubby caused It’s already 1,5 year no flowers at all. But, to my surprise when I went to the bathroom, my eyes were ball as I saw the buds were there. How come? I can’t figured it out as I’ve never take care of it for a long time but hubby gave his opinion that could be caused I putted in the right place. Bathroom has always moist and very humid air as we takes shower everyday. I recalled all back that I just moved the Orchid to the bathroom around 3 months ago and at that day when I moved from the kitchen to the bathroom for only a reason that I faded up with orchid without flowers and only 4 big leafs and from that time on, I’ve never take care of it. That’s why, I couldn’t believe my eyes that it had has buds which a sign of flowers will blooming soon. This coincidently replacement made me still have my orchid for already 3 years now and the accident I made a month ago which brake out all the leafs made no worries anymore as can see, the second photo shows it started to have 2 leafs and hopefully not again needs 1,5 year for the buds to show up 😦 Oohh, how I miss my orchid when it looks like this