Friday 13th


elviranewpot.jpg My Elvira Rose got a new pot 😀 a friend told me to changed to bigger pot as she took out and found out that the root was reached out from the insider pot and told me that means it needs bigger pot,Atik! Okay,so thankful as I’ve never know about it and next day I went to a garden house which is not far from where we live,took only 5 minutes walks but I’m still worry if this rose would be last longer under my care.Take a look at this photo,the flowers stalks are yellow already and that’s not a good sign 😦 but I do hope it’s not the end of Elvira’s life 😥 but only the end of blossom season as I said,this is not my first rose.I’m successful with other flowers so far but not for ROSE yet. At this moment my Elvira has only 2 blossoms and 2 buds left and this is the rest of the finished blossoms in my hubby palm…ready to throw away 😦
Happy Friday the 13th 👿 the second one for this year,last one was in April,remember?……
HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ❗ Our Summer temperature is back, 29°C right now :mrgreen:


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