Cologne on Fire


Hooray :mrgreen: the real summer is back in Cologne which is 30°C and today even reach until 35°C. Last Saturday was very nice as Cologne another annual Event was end up GREAT & FUN. It was Fireworks show! The high-light begins on 11.30 pm (23.30) but people already came to location around the Rhine river bank since morning and mark their place and hang-out all day with family,friends,etc.Waiting,waiting and waiting until dark fall. Imagine,all day,you’ve to mark your place or will end up like us who not so lucky this year to find a place to watch the spectacular Fireworks,seems like this year was more crowded than last year or could be caused of the High Secure by Police for this year on the bridge that we used to pass…”Deutzer Brücke” but Thank GOD,we did manage to find a place in the last minute and this is where we sat down instead on the other side of Deutzer Brücke (The Bridge name) which is with more EXCELLENT view…Well,at least I can still snapped some shot 😀


…Here are some of my shot and if you want to see more than PLEASE Click Here

kembangapi2007-a.jpg kembangapi2007-b.jpg


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