A sign of sincere ;o)


One day,my beloved hubby as usual before go back home from work,he will call first. Just to make sure where I am (home or anywhere) or could be I need something that I forgot to buy etc,etc… πŸ’‘ and on one of those days,he called and said “I have a surprise for you”…well,I love very much surprise :mrgreen: and he knows that VERY WELL too :mrgreen: I keep wondered and asked while I’m waiting for him to finally shown up in front of the door but somehow I hope that not something same again with what I’ve bought or already had πŸ™‚ as It’s several times happened to us…So,I keep calm my heart beat in good condition until he shown up with his naughty smile and hands hided behind his back…Sure,He carried something and this time,thank GOD I can smell with my instinct that’s not the same SUN FLOWERS again caused one day,he got back with hands full of sun flowers and I did bought at that day a BIG bouquet of sun flowers too 😦 and in the end I had to be creative by used anything in my household tools to kept the sun flowers FRESH as They were so beauty to let it faded away. So,ever imagine a pan multi task as a vase? or an ugly mineral water bottle as a vase for beautiful flowers and a pan on the table of living room instead of in the kitchen where it really belongs to? Oh,I can’t even dare to took a snapshot of it 😳 Okay,before I show what was it…I must tell what he bought was from my favorite bakery…I’m a lover of exploring and discover new food and what he bought was introduced by me and he likes it caused he is a lover of ONLY sweet thing……Get ready,here is what he can not resist not to committed any sin towards something supposedly became his SURPRISE….for me πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ and to safe himself from ME,of course 😈 …He said,it was the HUNGRY attacked πŸ‘ΏΒ 



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