Soon Party


hiking.jpgOh…I felt so relief after 3 days putted all my concentration to what I wanted to create as Our Present for hubby lil’bro resulted PERFECT! 😀 I am so HAPPY! :mrgreen: and now I wish that the weather also will be perfect for their BIG day.He will marry his more than 10 years girlfriend on Friday and it will held in Munich where they live and this will be the Civil Marriage.We have everything ready and done on time,hopefully! We will drive to Miltenberg that takes around 2 hours,can be more when is traffic jam,to pick up my parent-in-law who lives there and the next day continue drive from there to Munich which around 4 hours.As now in the south of Germany is began the school holiday,the possibility of traffic jam is high and to make contribute to less the traffic jam,we decided to take one car with us.So,the possibility to arrive in Munich on time and together is HIGH too 🙂 The photo was from last year Summer in the Alps when my lil’Sis visited Germany for the World Cup and the Happy Couple who will have their Civil Wedding on Friday and the Church Wedding will be in September 15th is on the right side of the photo.AND this is what I have created for them but I won’t tell what our present is.The idea of my hands creation is that they have to open one by one this collected of little bags to find in which little bag the present hide.HAVE FUN!


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