My Excited Monday


dsc00001.jpg Today,I have to pick it up my Passport from Poland Consulate as they did called me on Thursday said It finished earlier than it promised and this morning as usual I woke up and get up with our green little oases backyard as bedroom window views but somehow I felt that I had a big MOOD for today to make a small adventure to get to there.So,I decided I’ll take the bus instead of tram πŸ™‚ moreover the bus stop is not too far from where we live,only 3 minutes walks.I get prepared and made sure nothing important to forget like the paper note of my number given by the consulate.I’m fresh and ready to go and hubby already gone for 2 hours ago to work.I still need to walk a bit after I arrived by bus in the area of the consulate in Marienburg but as said I wanted to make a small adventure today.So,I walked and walked and walked,some of the houses and surrounding looks familiar to me as I came first time with hubby companion πŸ˜€ which made me relief that I’m still in the right way and on my own πŸ˜€ Suddenly,I ended up in a junction ❓ followed my instinct I turned right πŸ’‘ okay,seems like the houses and the surrounding are not anymore looks familiar to me but well,Marienburg area is only a living area I will find perhaps a new short cut πŸ’‘ ( I felt convenient) keep walking but to my surprised I end up again in where I started 😈 My GOD! 😯 Doesn’t matter πŸ™‚ today is adventure day for me and get lost is included,ACCEPTED! So,carry on WALKING…even from the beginning again πŸ™‚ Walking and keep walking and :surprise: I made it ❗ I found the junction where we were for the first time with the car :mrgreen: WOW, after an hour walk and now I can see the consulate building in front of my nose,I just need to cross the street now and since it’s only living area,there is no worry about traffic light as I hate Cologne’s traffic light caused It’s very long red light,our local channel RTL did proved that Cologne City traffic light is the longest one in Germany for the pedestrians.I crossed the street and reached the Consulate building from the side and a bit turned and finally,I’m right in front of the main gate 😯 😯 What ❗ did my eyes works not so well now caused I’m tired,They are CLOSED!!! and hang a paper written down in Polish and translated to German due to Ascension Day on August 15th,We are closed! πŸ˜• I can’t believe my eyes as today is August 13th and is Monday and the Ascension Day will be on Wednesday and thing is,it wasn’t written down from when to when they will be close but just “Due to Ascension Day,15 August 2007 We are CLOSED!” THAT’S IT!!! 😑 Wonderful after my one hour walked 😑 πŸ‘Ώ 😈 …..But wait a minute! is it because of Monday the 13th??? but bad luck date and day is Friday the 13th as people knows well and so do I πŸ˜• or a punishment caused I ignored hubby good intension to companion me to there…What the heck…in the end I must say “I did had my REAL adventure today” as I wished for!