Das Ehepaar


wescivil.jpg Howdy,what a lucky couple! Thank GOD! It was no rain on their BIG day although the temperature was not as hot as usual instead of 30°C,It was only 20°C and no real sunshine but on the next day was glorious reached ’till 33°C and still on the weekend 😀 So,all together resumed,It was a GREAT weekend for all of us :mrgreen: and not like now,outside is raining! 😦 Afterwards,We had lunch at the oldest brewery house in the world called “Weihenstephan” I will not know about it when hubby didn’t informed me whilst I was fascinated look on the wall of all the memorable photos and saw Mr.Blair was there too 😯 Photo taken in front of the “Standesamt” Civil Office where the government announced them legally as Husband and Wife and the BIG celebration will be on September 15th for the Church Wedding.Congratulation! Wolfgang and Evi 😉 Hubby said finally, he has sister-in-law and not only in opposite way as before and I said to Evi “Welcome to the club” 😉 and Thanks guys for “Ruin” my Present 😀 but somehow I felt happy and enjoyed when watched them get bored but kept smile to open each of the 20 small bags that I glued together opengift.jpg and I was so surprised that they did open according to my planed which I didn’t tell anyone even hubby or written it down as it would be stupid and silly of me to did that (No Surprise anymore,then).I was thinking to made about 100 bags but that would cost energy for me 😦 😛 I thought,my idea would be the bored one but it wasn’t as their old friends from student age gave them a wood box which allow to open in 7 Years. GOSH! 7 Years,I don’t think I could wait that long. Each of us who attended the party should write or draw something on a heart shape paper and dropped in the box before they sealed it in front of the bride and groom 😥 We wish something for them that we both sure opengift01.jpgin 7 years when they open it then they will SMILE 😀 and hubby and I bet for that! Hope,we both will remember what we bet for but we did signed the heart shape paper 😐 hehehe,tricky of us to keep reminds ourself.So,it wasn’t a wish but our noted 😆 Kidding 😆 Whoah…I love wedding PARTY hence the food specially the wedding cake and as long as the cake full of cream that will be so tempting for me,no matter is wedding cake or just a cake and for this one I wish I have a GIANT stomach or a spare bag of a stomach or could be a memory chip of a stomach that I could upgrade it 😆 hmmm, yummy…….




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