September Ceria


Finally,I can update “Our Album” which I’ve neglected it but in the same time I miss it a lot 😦 There was several occasions that kept me away being in front of the computer screen and my feeling to be back is as happy as this lovely couple who just blessed by GOD on Saturday,15 September 2007 😀 CONGRATULATION to Evi and WolfyMay your beautiful marriage will last until dead do apart…Amen! Just like you both wished for in front of the Altar. Anyway,Wolfy is my husband one and only beloved little bro’ and Evi is Wolfy’s University sweet heart.It was a blessing day on last Saturday caused of the weather was glorious and even brighter than their civil wedding in August.We did hope so much for the weather as when we returned from our supposed to be Summer Holiday in Scotland,was not so sunny but much more better than Scotland’s weather which was too windy and chilly for us but luckily during our stayed,Scotland’s sky was friendly to us with no rain at all! And specially,Scotland’s landscape was beautiful and spectacular! We were so mesmerized! Unfortunately,we didn’t see Nessie but to witness with our own eyes the size of Loch Ness made us enough to played with our imagination how numerous Nessie was.But how come they can’t find it or Nessie likes to stay as a Legend only ❓ Oh,YES! I was on my own traveled by train,visited my sweet friends in Poland and it was GREAT! We enjoyed the warm sun with the boys: my friend son and her nephew and I got only couple days home before flown away to Scotland with hubby.So,that’s the reasons which kept me away quite long but the other also that I missed my role as housewife after quite long away from home.I missed to taking care of the house and anything related to it. methem.jpg I have never thought before that I would miss my ‘not anymore new’ role as housewife until got married and past the transition from carrier and independent woman to be full housewife.I have to be honest and admit that I was wrong that I did underestimated this role before and would never think that you could miss such a role (FORGIVE ME) but HEY! I’m into it now 😆 and you can only knew what is feel like when you are in and I can say PROUDLY that I AM HAPPY 😀 to be HOUSEWIFE!
At this moment when I am writing, I have a relief feeling that what I have longing for was fulfill and I can have time to fulfill another one which is sit in front of the computer and updated “Our Album” and write something on, such as my new and nice feeling that I recently experienced,missed my role as housewife and for that I would like to give my respect and APPLAUSE for you all out there who have a role as HOUSEWIFE! :thumbsup: !! weheart.jpg