momandus.jpg…Here’s come the continue…carry on with the issue of TRUE FRIENDSHIP…In my understanding this kind of person only looking for competitor and not for friends which will lead to the TRUE FRIENDSHIP (Please, read previous posted to follows today post). Well, I’m definitely sure, I will be not the right person for competitor caused I just simple wanted to be friends and love to have friends rather than competitor. As an ordinary and down to earth person and woman, I always try my best and keep everything as simple as it is and as beauty as it is and I find this kind of competition in a beautiful relationship called friends is not necessary even waste. Considered uneducated and unknowledgeable. I prefer to put my energy to more educative and knowledgeable competition. In where I will feel happy and relief at the end and not to feel guilty or cost hurt and heartache for others. I will be happy even more if I see people around me specially those called sweet friends are happy. I think I come to the end of telling how I sees a TRUE FRIENDSHIP as I don’t want to be very out of my issue which is “Looking back to year 2007”
And for that I wanted to give my gratitude to all my friends who being my TRULY friends until now…Thank you so much for being who you really are and not as a pretender and competitor and for that I wanted to say…I love you all… Wish I’ll be come MORE better than I’ve ever been for you all for the year 2008… Just like what Dionne Warwick and Friends sing a song written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager…..

…Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for…

Isn’t it nice? 🙂 Will be better if you just CLICK HERE to hear how really nice the song is and in case if you’ve forgotten then we can sing along together 😉

Well, back to looking back issue…As a housewife nothing extraordinary happened in 2007. I enjoy so much my “not so new” role as a full housewife. Yes, sure there will be some times and some moment of boredomness but that’s normal. Boredomness happens to all sector of live, profession and people. I don’t have any special trick to cope with it but I just face it or more easy to describe it,I will take my time to follow my laziness mood. As simple as that! Hmm…about “Not so good things”, I reckon, I don’t have for year 2007 (Thank you, GOD!) and never wish to have one either. As I said, I enjoy my role as well as my life with my beloved husband…Even according to planet believers, I came from Venus and He came from Mars 😉 So, We don’t have so many things in common such as at least came from the same planet which made far more easy to understand each other or at least not to feel stranger to each other 😀 but since Earth will be always a new place for us in other meaning to say…we both are same…”an immigrant” 😉 OR…another way to say that I reckon all people will dream about it too that we are in our very long term of HOLIDAY 😀 just go to Our Gallery to see which corner of Earth we have ever been…This feeling of have same destiny as an immigrant to Earth made such a numerous help for us to more understand each other and the situation, DON’T YOU THINK? :mrgreen: ….I wonder, how is my planet Venus doing now? :mrgreen: It’s been a long, loong time… 😀 … 😀

To be continue again ❓ …..I think, I will make a TRILOGY of an issue of “Looking back to year 2007” which means will be the “Looking back…Part III” edition to come and hope I will manage my time to post before year 2007 really end-up but when it will be not there, there will be no problem too, right? 👿 RIGHT? 😉 …Won’t Promise

Before, I totally forgot……..from me and on behalf of my beloved husband…..