A rainy funday


koelnkarneval.jpg Another annual event that held in the city where we live. The city that became acknowledged as a city by the Romans in 50 AD with the given name of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium…..isn’t it a nice name?….. imagine if its name still be used until nowadays…sounds nice but not efficient to fill out a form, etc, etc. Well, in this not anymore Romans age but still one of an old Romans city in Europe, this fourth biggest city in Germany with its familiar name is Cologne (English) and Koeln (in its mother tongue) -It is still a nice name,isn’t it?- had just celebrated one of an old German tradition in winter. It was a carnival which according to my knowledge so far is an old German tradition to say good bye to winter (my opinion is to make winter more enjoyable) and definitely it must be first the welcome party which began each year at the same date and time in November 11th at 11:11 am but this formal opening will attended only by the Carnival Clubs, Organizer or members and not open for public except have a special relationship with one of the clubs. They will make some performance which held every weekend such as cabaret show and theater in comedy format, Of Course! And a local TV channel will broadcast the show either Live or recorded during the carnival season and for this weekly show actually, people can buy entrance ticket but very hard to get as they have very, very limited seat and most of the ticket sole already at least 6 months before or bought already by some big fans of Cologne Carnival. So, the broadcast on TV is an alternative for public until the BIG day is come to celebrate together which for this year happened to be in February 4th but one thing for sure the carnival season will always held for public on Monday each year which in German called Rosenmontag and in English is “Monday before Lent” (I’m not sure if this translated met the German meaning). On this day -Rosenmontag- the city of Cologne will be crowded with people from everywhere and every age and most of them will dress-up in Clown costume or at least in carnival costumes which I always found very cute that once a year people have a chance to express themselves in a creative costumes. Have you seen in daily life a Spiderman get hungry and eat a burger or a Superman who can’t fly but instead can’t even walk steady caused too many alcohol contain in his blood in familiar way to say, Superman is drunk 😉 or seen a lovely and sweet family walking hand in hand as a family of cows or bears and so on and so on in funny and cute costumes. For this year carnival, the weather was not so friendly but it was not enough reason to stop the fun. People still exciting just like every year gather in the city for catch the candies and flowers that the carnival clubs throw to the public from the big wagon which parade down town and this is the big moment for all children to enjoy catch the candies as many as they can and even adult won’t miss this competition too. Although, the sky was cried most for “Water” confetti and cost wet for people who don’t have an umbrella with them but one thing for sure that I found this year carnival was very crowded than year before or it’s only my feeling as I didn’t get an open space at all for a small girl like me to shot some photos or catch the candy and flowers but still the rain can not wash away the fun that each people bring down town. But one thing I have to make it sure that I don’t want the rain to melted away my favorite toy 🙂 So, please click here if you wanted to see what was going on in February 4th when people in all ages scream the slogan of “Koelle Alaaf” and sing a song of “Viva Colonia