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magnolia.jpgTo day for five years ago, I have decided to take steps in my life with my little feet but only this time was not just a small or medium one that I used to do. I’ve decided to expanded my feet territory to not only have some spaces in my beautiful, beloved country Indonesia but also to have some spaces in old beautiful Europe where a man whom now made me proudly and blessed to carry a title as housewife lived…and come what may…..(next title I meant). Plenty of good memories for the last five years which made me can’t even reversed what was the bad one. Should I mention about the boredoms side of winter in Europe? But I can still see some excited side with the white soft thing which falls from the sky well known as snow OR the nasty cold, wet rain πŸ˜• Well, no sin at all to complaint for a while but HEY! πŸ˜€ Guarantee ❗ Spring and Summer will come ❗ Isn’t it something worth to wait for? Hmmm, I think I would prefer to take out the harder part of the last five years which was the language. Came with very less German close to none made me felt like lived inside English cereal box caused that was the language I can speak beside my mother tongue Indonesia. Thank GOD, I was born just like others with choices. So, I chose to joined a German course and less my worried to putted in practical way as I live in its origin country. So, now I can buy and eat German cereal πŸ˜† Talking about food, I can’t believed my eyes at first impressed lived in Germany. Gosh, I was in my naughty thought when I saw for the first time plenty of sort of breads which some I thought for throw someone to dead caused It’s huge and hard as rocks. Even I thought about to multi-task it as pillows in case hungry in the middle of the night, don’t need to slither in the dark with half opened eyes to the kitchen instead you had a bread right down your head and all you needed to do is just open your mouth and no need for the eyes πŸ˜† Another impressed things which still last until now are flowers and all the blossoms beauty. First time landed five years ago was different compare to the same month of this year. All trees were still in its winter sleep but this year seems like the mother nature getting younger. My favorite tree, Magnolia is blossoming in March already. For five years ago the magnolia started its beauty blossom in late April. Luckily, the beauty is not getting less for the early waken up like us humans πŸ˜‰ Please, CLICK HERE to see how beauty our mother nature is. Well, let’s left behind about the impressed things as I don’t want to loose the smile that I’m having now on my face :mrgreen: YES! I’m thinking about the silly and stupid things that had happened for the last five years and before without intention it skipped out of my mind I better begin to write. A bit needed German language knowledge thou…It goes like this: House is Haus (German), it was easy for me “piece of cake” πŸ™‚ but since I think most of the time in English made me most of the time also forgot that German read like it’s written down. Because I applied some methods (my own one) to help me learn the language which in my believed would be faster such as tried my best not to depend on Dictionary but catch the vocabulary from daily life, keep it in my mind and ask my hubby in the end. I red a book to practice my awareness to read like its written down and found a word “Rathaus”…..piece of cake to remembered and a piece of cake for me to translated it,too *Proud* mode-on. When hubby back from work I proudly began to asked my proudly, confidence, understood and translated about “Rathaus” and started to asked him how come you guys have a “Rathaus” in Germany. Of course, he was confused and asked me where did I found that information. Yeah, yeah…I laughed my silly and stupidness after his explanation because what under my understanding was “a house of a rat” in German means a “City Hall” πŸ˜† :mrgreen: …..Oh, I love my silly stupidness :mrgreen: so, let me give another face exercise….one day, we visited my parent-in-law who lived about 2.5 hours drive from Cologne where we lived. On the highway, I saw a big sign of “City Hall” (in German,Of course), for a while I was not so curious because I knew what it meant now but how come it was quite plenty of City Hall sign during our drive on the highway ❓ as usual, I began to asked my curiosity to my beloved hubby and for sure he confused and I assured him that I did saw the sign which I will point out to him for the next one to come. :mrgreen: πŸ˜† He laughed πŸ˜† and said, you’re correct but this time is not a “Rathaus” but it is a “Rasthaus” with “S” in it πŸ˜† and that place is where you can stop-by on the highway for a while when you need to go to toilet or to have some food & beverage or even just to take a rest from your long drive journey…..Oh,my,my…what a long five years journey with full of magnolia and cheery blossoms, Thank GOD, no RAT-Haus in Germany 😳 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


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