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What a glorious morning 😀 this morning I got up with the beautiful soft white thing which falling from the sky well known as SNOW…It’s so beautiful but in March 😯 …. something that not only made your morning surprise balls your eyes. I was expected that this year would be no snow fall at all in Cologne which something that could be possible as I’ve had mention that Spring came earliest this year. Beside live on Cologne is not a place where you can often witness snow fall. This white beauty is something that Cologne inhabitants would be always happy for. Especially,if it can make everything turned to white because when snow falls happen in here usually can be seen on the air only and melted already when landed on every surface. So,as a happy Cologne inhabitant, I loaded my self quickly because I knew very,very well how short it will last. Here’s my great moment hunted result surrounded at our place…..


from our bedroom (in “My Excited Monday” this photo posted) and here’s the BEFORE and AFTER of cheery blossom which I’ve posted also in here


Now is the result of how short is the beautiful white called SNOW last in Cologne…….Zoom out of our cheery tree


2 Responses to “Breaking News”

  1. Rebeka said

    Wow I really like the pictures. Thank you for liking your blog to mine, when I find out how to do it I will be doing it… ;0)~ I am kinda new at this blog thing but I think I will do better at it when i get to doing it more. Any help you can give me would be great!!!!

  2. °Atik° said

    Thank You Beka for stopped by 🙂

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