My beautiful MusketeersLast month when I was on one of my housewife activities which was groceries shopping. -Hmm…it is not only a housewife activity,is it? 😉 – My eyes wondered around to a rack of flowers and I didn’t plan to buy any plants or flowers since I have decided not to have many flowers at home as I feels guilty when they have been neglected caused I was not at home for quite long. Even though I have a very nice friend who never mind to take care of them during my absent but still I feel bashful to ask for favor too often close to always. Beside I think in this case my responsibility side speaks lauder then my friend kindness. I just simple think when I knew that I often be absent then isn’t it better not to be greedy to have plenty flowers which definitely needs care and responsible. I wish that this thought never cross on my best friend mind but when it is then I deserve it caused of lack of responsible awareness in me. But last month I lost to fight against my human side which is temptation. Should I blame myself or the beauty of the flowers 😳 Well, back to a moment when I saw a rack of flowers. First, I thought only to have a look caused they are so fresh and beauty as always and for quite long nothing came cross on my mind to purchased them and I can hold to this wise thought as the song of a reason not to have more flowers at home was play on my mind. But when I keep doing the round my eyes caught on one of the favorite flowers of mine which is orchid and I didn’t expected on this rack where I made my whirl would be also orchid there and my eyes were more ball when I saw the price tags that was discount price 😯 suddenly the nice song of a reason not to have flowers anymore just stop like magic and another song start to play on my mind. How about if I give some pals to my old orchid, she must be lonely after 4 years alone as she was my birthday present from my parent-in-law best friend and who knows with new friends after so long she will start to ornate again (it’s almost a year she doesn’t put any make-up on) because she get motivate by the young ones 😆 or when she could tell that she is he then now on this picture he has girlfriends on the left and on the right sides. What can he ask for more accept my service to keep them alive and him too 😛 One thing for sure, I’m happy that his girls have a beautiful face, please spare your time to have a look how beauty they are in close-up format.