Abundant Pardon


FW2008Whoaahhh…..Where on earth am I for the last two an half months:?: 😯 Thank GOD, I found myself still be around the globe but not in other side of the globe where the sun always shine for 365 days and people speaks my mother tongue or in the Island of Gods which most people knows its name and its beauty better than to the country where it belongs to. Well, still clueless about the country and the island I meant? I definitely sure I did mention about it in one of my posted caused we were there last year to visit my family and friends but NO,NO…for my two an half months absents we were not in Bali or in my country Indonesia where Bali island belongs to but Thank GOD, we have a chance to visit it again this year and in the next three months we are counting the days πŸ™‚ The result is as every year, EXCITING:!: πŸ˜€ hmm, so what then that keep me quite long absent to post something…daily life demanding as a devoted house wife which I enjoy so much and there are some time which bored me and just wanted to be around my Plants and TV or do some of my hobbies. Oh Yeah, Plants…my Elvira rose is doing well but she is not in a good shape right now, I think she has had too much diet on water πŸ˜† since when there is a diet on water πŸ˜† an absolutely my big excuse 😳 I left her twice more than a day the first was on our anniversary that we celebrated in “BIG APPLE” and the second one was for summer holiday in this SUNSHINE state at same time celebrated DH’s birthday that’s why no post about DH’s birthday like I did last year;…saved time…and…saved money πŸ˜† aand…the Orchids are doing well, too they just opened their -should I say “bud”- for the summer but not with the oldest one, I am afraid to say, it is “disable” now 😦 but hey, at least I’ve been proved myself that taking care of Orchid is easier than other flowers which needs more water. One thing that still “available” in Cologne and will always there every year but there were no chance for me to post about it like I did last year was the Christopher Street Day, an important family gather was held on that date and it was not in Cologne but nothing to loose not to see it as 2009 will come after 2008 πŸ˜‰ BUT one other Cologne’s annual event which we did enjoy as usual and it was a lucky day for everyone caused the rain get bored to keep pouring and the midnight in Cologne end it up with the beautiful spectacular Koelner Lichter 2008…..Enjoy it!