cumiboard.jpgWe want to share what we’ve seen during our holiday in April this year in Barcelona when visited the under seawater Aquarium.It was our first time in Aquarium and really made us fascinated especially with one creature that we’ve not seen before except the familiar one “Squid”. I took a photo of the board to keep reminds the fascinated information written on it as you can still read the header and name of the fish,the rest is hard to read,so,here it goes….

Cuttlefishes (Sepia Officianalis) are animals very active sexually.These animals in its reproductive time copulate constantly until they die exhausted.For this reason this wonder will be exhibited only for a few months.When getting matured and it has to reproduce,this animal is having some changes in its coloration and its behaviour.Male is having a coloration like zebras and swims slowly over the female.The female will let him fertilize her when she gets ready.At this particular time the male will penetrate a copulation arm with a seminal capsule.There may be afterwards a lay more than 500 black eggs,which have a resemblance to some grapes from which later on totally formed Cuttlefishes will be born.

And here what they look like and what action these little fellow doing during the exhibition 😉 😀 I reckon when I posted this,They were not “Exhausted” anymore 😉
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