Well, Year 2007 is about to say good bye to all of us. Except for people who run their life not with Latin Calendar…hmm, I think some people do follow or applied another calendar method in their life…Wonder what feels like ❓ as I do have only one -The common one- and if I look back, I thank GOD that it was nice, lovely and delighted πŸ™‚ and I’m not thank for only the good one but also for the not so good one ( I meant it). It’s so good and always a BETTER feelings that hubby and I can manage to visit my family whom became his family too since we agreed to carry the title as husband and wife, back in Indonesia and Thank You, GOD! that we are able to do that every year. So, I just did mention where we were during our long absent ( 😳 almost forgot that we did visited this UNIQUELY country beside my beautiful country). I reckon, I will start from today on to looking back to year 2007 πŸ™„ …GOSH! I started to feel like having a “BRAIN TRAINING” now πŸ˜€ …Hope, I can remember all and be “REAL” in a way of telling a history: but wait, shall I start from my woman point of view? caused it could be flows back to the history of 2007 or to the past, past away story πŸ˜‰ 😳 …..

I’m delighted that all my flowers are in good conditions when I returned back home, well, sure some of them still having their winter sleep. Oh,GOD my orchid is more than just having its winter sleep but ‘Hey’ at least, it’s not look like a monster anymore 😈 and sorry don’t have its present pose yet as my chip card has no space anymore from the long holiday but I can describe my orchid condition as “Unbeatable Strong Lady” She has 3 leafs now (after I broke it all long time ago,shame on me) 😳 better than if she’s still look like this πŸ˜€ Of course, the condition of my flowers will not be a miracle without the miracle that I do have in real which is my sweet friend who look after them during my four weeks absent, I will never found them back still alive and I’m so thankful for that. It’s not only that I’m happy to have her who can look after my flowers but the most important of all is having her until this moment as my sweet friend is such a blessing. Thank You N, to allow me in your friends list and to stepped into my life! If I look back -oh, I’m in my theme of looking back actually- πŸ˜€ it made me smile caused at that time we didn’t know how to communicate to each other, lots of funny things happened. In other hand was best motivation to learn the language of the place where we both lives now and that shall be German, the language of our husbands :mrgreen: but hey, we don’t want our beloved husbands to be in every sector and specially in woman sector 😳 leave them alone meant leave us alone 😳 πŸ˜‰ ….talking about friendship…in my opinion is not easy to find TRUE FRIENDSHIP…it’s just like try to find your other own soul. Aristotle said once “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” I’m so glad that all my friends here and in Indonesia are my own other soul whom I found so far as I can feel what they feel as well as in opposite way to be more specific “The Love” how this magic word feels so beautiful and caused of it we will not judge what colour, ethnic, religion and social life our friends are from and the other element which must be attached to this relationship which as important as love itself is “Honesty”. To be honest, I hate people who practice lies for taking or making the place or them self to be accepted.nme.jpg Yes, we are all ever tell lies but let me take an instance example which I meant lie in here if someone who try to be friend or about to be call as a friend told that they’ve been to “Some” place or have “Some” thing etc, etc caused they knew that You’ve been to “Some” place or have “Some” thing etc, etc…this what I meant by my underline sentence above! I’m so sorry but it is hard for me to understand person like this…..How could I feels the love and feels comfortable being around them if they are themselves can not even feel and give the love and comfortable for their own self…..How should I begin respect them if they can not respect their own self by not tell LIES. As who should I see and accept themselves ❓ Don’t you think, you can only give something if you have?…whatever it is and how small it is…Just like GOD gives love caused GOD have it ❗ …..Well, hope my looking back theme included the way I am,I think ,I see and I feel……..TO BE CONTINUE………….